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  • Speaker’s Corner – London Style

    Speaker’s Corner – London Style

    Originally posted on Facebook during my trip to England with my mother, May 13, 2009 My mother and I decided to take a stroll through Hyde Park this past Sunday on our way back from having toured London most of the day. We’d heard something about this speakers’ corner and thought it might be fun […]

  • Day Three – #MumbaiInMarch

    Been a great trip so far! Spent a good part of the day yesterday at the office, mostly catching up and watching my cousin at work. Need more power and wifi, buy it will sort itself out soon enough. Met with my friend Yash last night for drinks and then dinner with his sister and […]

  • Day Two – #MumbaiInMarch

    Trying to keep the load on what wifi I have to a minimum, so I may not upload all of the photos I’m taking right away and embedding them directly from my drive. Learning as I go. So, to make you all jealous, this is the view from the sitting room where I’m staying: The […]

  • Day One – Arrival in Mumbai #MumbaiInMarch

    I’ve always been terrible at keeping up with these things, but after watching a vlog post by Mendel Kurland yesterday, I realized I’m the same way. I hate being in front of a camera and much of what I write about my experiences I look back on and think they’re boring. Here’s hoping that changes. […]

  • WordCamp Tour 2015

    As many of you know, I spoke at seven WordCamps last year and had an amazing time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come cheap.  If you’re interested in donating to my trip this year, I’ve started a campaign on Tilt. I would appreciate donations of any size. It costs about $1000 per trip and my job doesn’t cover […]