Day One – Arrival in Mumbai #MumbaiInMarch

I’ve always been terrible at keeping up with these things, but after watching a vlog post by Mendel Kurland yesterday, I realized I’m the same way. I hate being in front of a camera and much of what I write about my experiences I look back on and think they’re boring. Here’s hoping that changes.

Even before I saw Mendel’s video, I had already had a chat with another friend of mine, Jo, one of the founders of #DevTO the night before I left. He encouraged me to blog about my trip, which I was planning to do, mostly with photos. I said I might even try my hand at vlogging. And so I fired up my Periscope and began at the airport in Toronto. Did another one in Frankfurt, but no one was watching mainly because it was stupid early. Will try and keep it up…promise.

On the whole the flights have been uneventful. Very comfortable and even got a couple of seats to myself on the flight to Mumbai, which was really nice when I wanted to sleep and my stomach wasn’t feeling all that well. On the first flight, I ended up beside a Justin Bieber look-a-like, who actually turned out to be okay in the end. He and his class were taking a 10 day trip around Europe. The four seater that contained the two teens had me on one end and another woman on the other. When we were beginning our decent into Frankfurt, they began to talk about all the places she’d been with her daughter. I chimed in (probably uninvited as I am prone to do) with my current trip, spending time in Hong Kong and the like. I had to because this other woman was boring them to death. She didn’t seem too pleased, but I just saved that conversation. I may not be the most observant person, but I could tell that these two wanted her to leave them alone. I think I won them over in the end. I’m competitive, so sue me.

Landing in Mumbai soon. Pictures to follow!