Day Two – #MumbaiInMarch

Trying to keep the load on what wifi I have to a minimum, so I may not upload all of the photos I’m taking right away and embedding them directly from my drive. Learning as I go.

So, to make you all jealous, this is the view from the sitting room where I’m staying:

The temperature is currently sitting at 33 celcius. We don’t even go out in this temperature!

This was on my drive earlier today.:

Notice the temple on the water!

Went with my cousin Shilpa to a store to pick out some fabric that she makes into amazing out fits. While I can’t show you those outfits, wanted to show you some of what I saw while it’s still fresh in my mind:

And this is from her office:

Wanted to get a few things out there and make sure I keep up with my promise. Might post more later, but here is just part of my first real day on the ground. Dinner with friends later!