Jetpack 3.5 Introduces Menu Management on

Just did a presentation on Jetpack last week to WordPress Hamilton. Going to add this to future iterations of my Intro to Jetpack!

Jetpack 3.5 Introduces Menu Management on

Jetpack Presentation to WordPress Hamilton

Thanks so much to WordPress Hamilton for having me out last night to present an Introduction to Jetpack. There was a great group and we had some interesting questions and insights. Thanks to everyone who came out. Let’s keep the conversation going!

FITC Toronto 2015 – Photos

Here are the photos I took at FITC Toronto over the last few days. These are only a small section of what amazing events took place and the inspiration that it gave me. The write up will be done in the next few days. Consider this your teaser. Hoping to share some of the photos that one of my students shot over the course of the event. Look forward to those too!

WordPress 102 Session

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the WPWaterCooler broadcast on Monday, March 23, 2015 where the topic was “Teaching WordPress”. A big thanks to the organizers for having me on the show!

While most of us agreed on the majority of the content for WordPress 101, the content for a 102 session varied greatly. Some of the instructors got into theme development and others would talk about more of the administrative functions. Some would include the later as part of their “101” sessions, especially if it was a full day course.

I do a lot of WordPress 101 talks, not full courses and my question for everyone is: What would you like to see in MY WordPress 102 session? I really would appreciate the feedback, especially for those that have seen my WordPress 101 talks at Haltech, WordCamp Chicago (video), WordCamp New York, Women In ITM (WITM) and others.

Here’s the video from the WPWaterCooler (EP. 128):


WordPress 101 for Women In Information Technology Management

Here’s the first part of the presentation that I gave last night to Women in Information Technology Management at Ryerson University. The second half was more of demo that I’m hoping to document a little better and turn into a full course. Thanks to those who attended and supported the event. Awesome time!

WordCamp Tour 2015

As many of you know, I spoke at seven WordCamps last year and had an amazing time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come cheap.  If you’re interested in donating to my trip this year, I’ve started a campaign on Tilt. I would appreciate donations of any size. It costs about $1000 per trip and my job doesn’t cover it. If you think I’ve done a good job, Please, consider donating to my campaign.

WordPress in Chalk

WordPress in Chalk

Commuter tells man to f*ck himself, then turns up for job interview with him

Commuter tells man to f*ck himself, then turns up for job interview with him

Source: Mashable

Be careful who you deal with out there. You never know who they might be or what they can do.

Commuter tells man to f*ck himself, then turns up for job interview with him.

Content Theft – What to Do — Support —

Great post by on Content Theft. Will be great content for my students!

Content Theft – What to Do — Support —

Slides from Haltech Presentation on WordPress

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday do see my presentation on WordPress 101. Here are the slides, but please feel free to ask more questions here! It is certainly a long conversation, so let’s get it started!


WordPress 101 at Haltech RIC

Haltech is hosting me to do a WordPress 101 session this coming Thursday, January 15, 2014 at 9 am at the Burlington Hive. If you are interested, please sign up here: REGISTER.

You can take a look at my WordCamp Tour 2014 in my gallery.

WordPress in Chalk

WordPress in Chalk

Feel free to take a look at some presentations I gave in 2014 on various WordPress topics at WordCamps across North America:

WordCamp Ottawa – Content Architecture Workshop

WordCamp Chicago – WordPress 101 | Video

WordCamp Milwaukee – Content Architecture

WordCamp New York – WordPress 101

WordCamp Los Angeles – WordPress for Non-Profits

WordCamp Buffalo – Content Architecture

WordCamp Toronto – Content Architecture

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