July 11

Teaching Tech and Tech For Learning – A #DevTO Presentation

Ginny and I at the anniversary party for DevTO

After attending almost every #DevTO event ever created, I’ve finally stepped up to the plate and decided to give my own DevTO Talk: Teaching Tech. I’ve teamed up with Marc Lijour of Cisco to present to you not only how Tech is delivered at Sheridan College (and many more places) but also how it is taught in the current system. We all know that none of this stuff is perfect, but my hope in delivering this talk is to start bridging the gaps. Are we as educators delivering the correct material to deliver to the working world the best we can? What are we missing? Are we on the right track? What are the biggest challenges?

Make sure you get on the list to attend, and I hope to see you there! I’m on record as being the first tech woman to attend, and that was only their second meetup, so I’m definitely a diehard!  A quick note that many of my students are filling up the list pretty quick, so I suggest doing it now!

Still not convinced? Check out the link to the event on DevTO.ca and then register here:

Teaching Tech & Tech for Learning

Monday, Jul 28, 2014, 7:00 PM

80 Spadina Ave

128 Members Attending

Teaching Technology – Shanta NathwaniTechnology is changing fast, and so does teaching. Shanta will talk about an innovative program blending communication, design, and technology run at Sheridan College in partnership with the University of Toronto at Mississauga. They are taught to be the translators of business needs to technology solutions and…

Check out this Meetup →

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July 10

WordCamp NYC 2014: WordPress 101 – Beginner Track Announcement

WordCamp NYC

Our friends over at WordCamp NYC (#WCNYC) have just posted the announcement for the beginner track being presented on Saturday, August 2. And guess who’s doing WordPress 101? This gal…again! Thanks to the gang at WordCamp Chicago (#WCChi) for letting me present this topic last month.

Looking forward to a new set of attendees and with it new questions. Anything you want me to cover? Would appreciate some feedback from the last one as well as input for the next one. Constant improvement is what it’s all about!

Here’s the announcement for the Beginner Workshops at WordCamp New York City.

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July 3

WordCamp Chicago 2014 Video

WordCamp Chicago 2014 Pilsner Glasses

Many thanks to WordCamp Chicago for letting me come and speak on WordPress 101 this year. I really had an amazing time. Here’s the video posted on WordPress.tv and I’ll be presenting this again at WordCamp New York City 2014.

One of the things I promised was some of the resources from my presentation:

Learning Code

Codecademy: http://codecademy.com

Lynda.com: http://lynda.com

Mozilla Webmaker: http://webmaker.org/ (I apologize for incorrectly calling it Web Kit in my talk).

You can view my slides on my previous post here. If there is anything else you would like me to add, please feel free to let me know! Would appreciate the feedback as well especially since I’m going to present it again.

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June 14

WordPress 101 Presentation – Foundation Friday at WordCamp Chicago 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to my talk yesterday in Chicago for WordPress 101. I really enjoyed it and am deeply humbled to have been accepted to speak. Below are my slides from yesterday, and I didn’t add anything to it. However, I would welcome any comments or further questions, including what resources you would like to see. Ask away!

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May 5

Schedule | WordCamp Chicago

I’m Speaking! I’ve landed the coveted WordPress 101 session to launch Foundation Friday at WordCamp Chicago. Some of the other noted speakers are Chris Lema and Lisa Sabin-Wilson. I’m deeply honoured and humbled to be lined up with these veteran WordPressers and really looking forward to meeting them both. See you there!

Schedule | WordCamp Chicago.

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May 4

My WordCamp Ottawa Workshop “WordPress for Small Businesses” – Slides

WordCamp Ottawa 2014 T-Shirt

WordCamp Ottawa 2014 T-Shirt

Thanks so much to everyone who took a chance on my workshop today at WordCamp Ottawa. When I took a look around the room, I got the feeling that everyone was a little skeptical about my methods. Turns out there were quite a few moments of “Satori”, a Japanese term that means “enlightenment”.

One of the biggest takeaways: Don’t use the term “Blog” as a category or a menu item. Tell me more about the content of the blog. I’ve also added a photo of the resulting menu that we crowdsourced through the session and my 3-5-7 rules since it seemed to be a really big deal.

Would love to hear your feedback on this presentation as well as what you’d like to hear me talk about next! I’m going to be at WordCamp Chicago in June doing “WordPress 101” next and submitting a few more talks this year. You tell me!


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May 1

Preparation for “WordPress for Small Businesses Workshop Session” – #WCOttawa 2014

Welcome! If you want to find out more about Data Architecture to prepare for my Workshop Session on Sunday in Room 2000, take a look at my WordPress.tv talk from WordCamp Buffalo in September, 2013. I also did this talk again in Toronto a couple of months later. Click HERE to access my test site and watch along. Here is the slide deck from that session. I will post my session slides and maybe some photos from the session after the presentation.

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April 11

Speaker Spotlight: Shanta Nathwani | WordCamp Ottawa 2014

Look who’s speaking at WordCamp Ottawa: This Gal! Big thanks go to my friend Shelley who was so proud of me, she decided to share my Speaker Spotlight on her own Facebook wall. And of course, a big thanks to the organizers for letting me in the door and lastly to those who have helped make me who I am today in the WordPress World.

Speaker Spotlight: Shanta Nathwani | WordCamp Ottawa 2014.

I’ll be running the Workshop on Sunday called “WordPress For Small Businesses“. If you want a place to pick a theme, this is not the place for you. In this session, I’m hoping people will bring their data architecture and menu questions (and lots of post-it notes!). While some of what we do will be dependent on the theme you choose, I will most likely use one of the standard themes to avoid confusion, so take it with a grain of salt. Would really like to have someone come in who hasn’t designed it yet and we can build it on the fly! But, as Al Davis says, “Never go live.”

Post-it Notes - Bring Lots!

Post-it Notes – Bring Lots!

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April 1

My April Fool’s Joke – 2003

Me In India 2003

I didn’t end up pulling any pranks this year, but I was reminded of one I pulled in 2003. It is still one of my best.

I was in India studying for my MCSE, which a friend of mine once said did not stand for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, but for Marriage Comes Simply and Easily. I sent this message to my friends back home whom I had been away from for two months. this was the first time that I was in India without my father and I did actually have a fear of this:

Dear Friends,

My biggest fear of coming to India for two months alone has come true. My relatives are trying to set me up. I went to my aunt’s house the other night for dinner. They said they were having some other guests coming also. When I arrive, there is a table set up with paper and photos on it! Would you believe they had interviews for me! I knew that I might get set up eventually with some guy at a party who they thought was appropriate, but this! This is too much. I had to sit through 4 interviews, not only of eligible bachelors, but their parents too! One guy even brought his grandparents.

I know I joked about it before, but this is serious! What could I say? “I’m sorry that you’ve gone through this trouble, but I’m not in a position for this.” with all of them expected and joining us for dinner? Doubtful. Of course going for dinner, I was dressed in a Punjabi Dress, so I looked like the perfect Indian girl. What are they thinking? I’m bordering on tears, laughter and complete hysteria. Get me the hell out of here!


I only got a couple of responses when I first sent it out, most of which were sympathetic, including asking when they needed to send out the search party. When I sent a follow-up email the next day, I got a tonne more.

This one is the reaction that someone got from the dojo:

You are hilarious! I just finished telling the girls at the Dojo that the worst has come true Shanta is interviewing for a husband…the girls stared at me with wide eyed disbeleif…until i told them it was an Aprils Fools joke! Ahahahaha…you even had me going at first!

Here’s one of the better replies:

After my friend Mike wrote me a great top 10 list to make me laugh (which I’m still trying to locate), he wrote me this after finding out that it was a joke:

cute Shanta…real cute. Love: Mikey PS: I don’t mean to be rude, but… NOW I HOPE AND PRAY IT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Did you play any pranks today?

UPDATE: I found the Top 10 List! (WARNING: Some foul language in this…)

Shanta Emptor (Let the Shanta beware!) Hi Shanta :) HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! Oh well, look at it this way, your having great meals, guys are fauning all over you, and you would look “absolutely mahvelous” in traditional Indian attire. The real bitch is… you have to sit through any of the following TOP TEN!!!… 1. “I make $200,000.00 American selling captured tourists into slavery. So I will be a wonderful husband.” 2. “I am a computer programmer as well, I am a web-master, a C++ wizard, and I am looking for an inferior wife to learn from me as I am so proficient. So I will make a wonderful husband.” 3. “I’m 6 feet tall, with movie-star looks and a penis like a parade elephant, am a professional masseur and love to cook, travel, and make-love in waterfalls on exotic getaways. I’m sure my other 3 wives will also love you. So I will make a wonderful husband.” 4. “How do you say “Bu-Ka-Ke” in American?… Oh. I will make a wonderful husband.” 5. “My mother said that I should marry you. She will also tell you that I am a great lover. So I will make a wonderful husband. 6. ” I promise that I will not marry you simply to become a citizen of Canada… How long does that take anyhow? Really? I will make a wonderful husband!!! 7. ” A woman belongs in the kitchen, fat with children, cooking my supper. So I will make a wonderful husband.” 8. “Many times I have done this interview thing, yet you are the only one to have sufficient dowry. So I will make a wonderful husband.” 9. (staring at your breasts) “I have not one, but TWO reasons to wed this gracious lady. They are… um… Did I mention I would make a wonderful husband.” 10. ” WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE!!! Your family beat me unconcious and held me in a wine cellar for 3 DAYS!… What?…she’s from Canada?…So?… (clik!) I’ll make a wonderful huband if they put those guns down!” Hope I made you laugh again in your time of woe. Be strong. We’re here for you. #9 is probably the best. Love and hugs! Mikey PS: HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!… snort…giggle. Bb…

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