WordPress 102 Session

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the WPWaterCooler broadcast on Monday, March 23, 2015 where the topic was “Teaching WordPress”. A big thanks to the organizers for having me on the show!

While most of us agreed on the majority of the content for WordPress 101, the content for a 102 session varied greatly. Some of the instructors got into theme development and others would talk about more of the administrative functions. Some would include the later as part of their “101” sessions, especially if it was a full day course.

I do a lot of WordPress 101 talks, not full courses and my question for everyone is: What would you like to see in MY WordPress 102 session? I really would appreciate the feedback, especially for those that have seen my WordPress 101 talks at Haltech, WordCamp Chicago (video), WordCamp New York, Women In ITM (WITM) and others.

Here’s the video from the WPWaterCooler (EP. 128):