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  • WordPress 102 Video – WordCamp Hamilton 2016

    Thanks to everyone who came out last year to my WordPress 102 talk at WordCamp Hamilton. I just realized I hadn’t updated my website to include the video from that presentation, so I thought I’d catch up. Would love to hear your feedback and hope to see you at a WordCamp near you!

  • WordPress 102 at WordCamp Hamilton 2016

    Here are my slides for WordCamp Hamilton 2016! I look forward to any questions or comments you might have in making this presentation better! [slideshare id=62720870&doc=wordpress102-wcyhm2016-160604121314]

  • WordPress 102 – WordCamp Minneapolis 2016

    [slideshare id=62211819&doc=wordpress102-wcmpls-160520044143]

  • WordPress 102 at WordCamp Ann Arbor 2015

    It is such an honour to have been accepted to speak at WordCamp Ann Arbor this year. I’ll be starting off the user track at 9:30 am, so make sure you’ve got your coffee and that you come with a load of questions! We’ll have some hosting companies in the room, so let’s put them to…

  • WordCamp Toronto 2015 Pre-Camp Meetup – WordPress 101 & 102

    Welcome to WordCamp Toronto 2015! These are the slide decks I’m going to use for our Pre-Camp Meetup tomorrow night at the Sanderson Library. I hope you can join us! WordPress 101: [slideshare id=53382833&doc=wordpress101-wcyyz-150930163112-lva1-app6892]   WordPress 102: [slideshare id=53386484&doc=wordpress102-wcyyz-150930175901-lva1-app6891]