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  • Facet-nating! FacetWP in WordPress Presentation at FITC Web Unleashed

    Thanks to everyone at FITC Web Unleashed for making me feel so special today. I’m used to giving WordCamp talks, but this is a whole new level! I would really appreciate any feedback on this presentation since it is the first time I’ve given it. Here are the slides from today’s presentation:   Facet-nating! – […]

  • FITC Toronto 2015 – Photos

    Here are the photos I took at FITC Toronto over the last few days. These are only a small section of what amazing events took place and the inspiration that it gave me. The write up will be done in the next few days. Consider this your teaser. Hoping to share some of the photos […]

  • FITC Toronto 2014 – Women’s Initiative // FITC

    Thanks to FITC for sending me to this great event last year under this amazing initiative. Let’s keep it going strong! I hope to see you all there. Even better, they’ve listed my blog post from last year as inspiration for this year’s contest. Go nuts!FITC Toronto 2014 – Women’s Initiative // FITC.

  • I Want To Go To FITC Toronto 2013

    I have had the pleasure of attending FITC Toronto for the last two years running. Now that I am an Instructor in Web Design at Sheridan College and the Founder of Women In Technology Hamilton, it is even more important that I attend yet again this year to assert the need for women to be in the […]