#FF ProductCamp Toronto

I’m sure that you’ve all heard me talk about my friend Alex Blom. He and I met at Product Camp a few years ago. I attended my first one shortly after I graduated Ryerson University.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I’d done Project Management before, so I figured: “What’s the difference?” Boy was I wrong. One thing I figured out is that there is no real clear definition. I’m probably not the best to explain it.

So what to do? Attend ProductCamp like I did. Last year, I even got a chance to present! Here’s the deck I prepared on the fly:

[slideshare id=13790033&doc=socialmediachannelsproductcamp-toronto-2012-120728212608-phpapp02]

When you arrive in the morning, register and grab a free coffee and snack (did I mention the whole day is free???). In true un-conference style, some of the topics are suggested ahead of time, and some can be suggested on the morning of the event. They are then voted on and presented as the day goes on. My suggestion to revive my earlier talk can be voted on HERE.

I highly recommend this un-conference to anyone for great networking and knowledge. You can follow them on Twitter at @PCToronto and register for Product Camp on July 20th HERE. Hope to see you all there!


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