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  • James Burchill Follow Friday

    James Burchill Follow Friday

    This article contains affiliate links. If you’ve been following my Escape the Castle posts as of late, you’ll know that I’m taking a course in how to build an RPG Chatbot with James Burchill. If you’ve been following me longer than that, you’ll know that I love his stuff and he has been a big […]

  • #FF ProductCamp Toronto

    I’m sure that you’ve all heard me talk about my friend Alex Blom. He and I met at Product Camp a few years ago. I attended my first one shortly after I graduated Ryerson University. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I’d done Project Management before, so I figured: “What’s the difference?” Boy was […]

  • #FF City of Hamilton

    I attended an information session/workshop hosted by the City of Hamilton and McMaster University last night to talk about the communication channels, more specifically, the social media ones, with City Hall. My mother originally found the information in The Hamilton Spectator and handed it to me because she knew that I was interested in the […]

  • #FF WPUniversity

    Last Saturday I attended the WordPress Toronto monthly meetup at the Ryerson DMZ hosted by WPUniversity, who launched that day. I’ve been looking forward to a product like this for a long time now and I can’t wait to start using it, contributing to it and getting my clients on it. WPUniversity is a unique plugin that […]

  • Resuming Follow Friday

    I did Follow Friday’s over at my original blog site and I’m sorry that I ever gave them up. I got the idea from my friend Alex Blom and now I know the challenges he had by trying to dedicate a post every Friday to a worthwhile person or company. I’m going to get back […]