WordPress 102 Video – WordCamp Hamilton 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out last year to my WordPress 102 talk at WordCamp Hamilton. I just realized I hadn’t updated my website to include the video from that presentation, so I thought I’d catch up. Would love to hear your feedback and hope to see you at a WordCamp near you!

Popular WordPress Plugins

Many of our students in the Advanced Web Design Course at Sheridan College in the CCIT program have asked about popular plugins. These students are not typically leaving their program to be web designers or developers, but they tend to be the managers.  I’ve put together some of the more popular ones to give them a start. We look at security, backups and optimization in a separate presentation, but these are plugins that help with the appearance and functionality of the front end, more or less. One of the ones not listed is Advanced Custom Fields, mainly because we actually used this in class. Something that everyone can use. These are meant for more of the case by case websites. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Would love to hear your thoughts!


WordCamp US 2016 Photos

I know it’s been a long time since WordCamp US, but here are my photos from the amazing time in Philadelphia. It’s been a busy few weeks.

Content Architecture – WordPress Rochester – November 2016

Thanks to the WordPress Rochester Group for asking me to fill in for their Content Architecture this evening. I hope it was helpful and that people enjoyed. It is a dry topic, but so necessary. If you have questions, please feel free to leave them here!


Wonder Woman is a Great Choice for Special UN Ambassador

Wonder Woman named a special UN ambassador, despite protests

This is the poster I had hanging on my wall for years of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Photo Credit: Everett Collection on People.com

This is the poster I had hanging on my wall for years of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Photo Credit: Everett Collection on People.com

I read this article on CBC a few days ago with respect to the UN choosing Wonder Woman as the icon for the young women, showing strong women everywhere, and the protest that was displayed by the members of the UN staff.

I am under the impression, based on the research that they provided here, that many of the totems or representations that they choose for these positions, is usually someone fictitious. Now, the argument that the UN staff gave, was that of the idea that a woman or the young women around the world should be represented by a real individual, who should be given that honour. There are plenty of them, with which I agree, however the idea that all of the idols that they have chosen for these types of positions have been imaginary or not real representations, should follow suit along with everything else.

Now, these staff that protest obviously have not done their homework with regards to Wonder Woman, when they talk about a woman flaunting around in a skimpy outfit. I’m sorry, Wonder Woman is, in my humble opinion a wonderful representation and it’s one of the biggest influences that I grew up on as a child, and has made me who I am today. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I am a very strong woman, and part of that was growing up looking to Wonder Woman as someone I looked up to and swore that I would be one someday. Today, I’m a martial artist and like to pretend that I am Wonder Woman. Even as an adult, many of the young women in my dojo look up to me as I once looked up to her. That is a real honour!

When I say that they have a look at their history, they obviously have not looked at the fact that Wonder Woman was an Amazon. The Amazons are bound to no one, especially men. They were fighters, they were hunters, they were warriors. These are the types of people that in my opinion women should be looking up to and should be given a chance to show women, because they are not typically as strong or take on roles where they are meant be docile, and I think it is a great choice to have somebody like Lynda Carter who embodied the role of Wonder Woman in the TV series (in my humble opinion), who has been an outstanding member of the community and representation of strong women everywhere, and has never wavered from that, even though she probably hasn’t played this role in almost 30 years. She is an amazing individual, and has always stood up for less fortunate than herself, those around her, and I think that it is a great choice. I think it is well deserved that she should speak and accept it, at least on behalf of Wonder Woman, because I think that she will be one of the best representations that they will have.

Women and staff of the UN, while I appreciate the idea that you’re trying to bring about, may I suggest that before you do a protest of this kind, and try and change things, that you do it in such a way where you show that you are an informed individual/s especially when it comes to just showing that a woman is a piece of meat, because if anybody is not, it’s Wonder Woman.

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