3 Pages in 30 Minutes – WordCamp Ottawa 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out to my talk at WordCamp Ottawa this past weekend. Here are my slides from the presentation, and while there aren’t very many, I’ve linked the presentation I did at WordCamp Buffalo below, that will remind you of this talk very much. I’ll see if I can update with some of the questions that we had in our own session, since I did record the audio.

WordCamp Ottawa 2019 – Create a 3 Page Website in 30 Minutes Using Gutenberg from Shanta Nathwani

Remember if you signed up for one of the accounts on DragonTeach, they will expire at the end of August, but you can play around in that sandbox until then. You will receive a notification from DragonTeach before it expires asking if you’d like to download or transfer your site.

Once again, a big thanks to Kiera Howe of Wiley Solutions for hosting these sandboxes for my courses. Her product, DragonTeach, helps instructors teach WordPress, including marking systems. Tell her I sent you! Full disclosure: I’m not making ANY money from this! She’s just a great friend and she has an awesome product. While she wasn’t sponsoring WordCamp Ottawa this year, she is sponsoring WPCampus at the end of July.

I’d love to hear any suggestions from this session. I’m working on my first online course, and if you’d like to know when it’s released, you can sign up for my mailing list here: I want to sign up for the online course notifications!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and thank you again for coming to my session! As always, you can sign up for my regular mailing list, through my contact form and let me know your thoughts!

Here’s the video from WordCamp Buffalo for 3 Pages in 30 Minutes:


I wanted to address some of the questions I got on the feedback forms. There are plenty of sessions and resources out there about how to use the Gutenberg Block Editor. My session, was intended not to teach how to use the editor, but to expose people to what they needed at a bare minimum to get their site to a state and get it up and running. It was meant to show how quickly one can set it up, provided that you had the right tools lined up. It would have been a waste of time watching me download a plugin. Sure, I could tell you how long it takes, but it would take different amounts of time, and in most cases, the time is negligible.

The session was supposed to show one perspective, using Gutenberg as the tool. If you wanted me to show you something like how to use Gutenberg, it could take me a whole day.

Showing you how to use images and video, also could be a session all to itself. It was more important for me to show you the components that were necessary instead of showing you how to use each piece, since each person might have different needs and you can find that far more easily online, than one source of advice on what to use in the first place.


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