Shanta speaking at Content Control Summit

How to Organize Your Content Through Navigation and Wayfinding at Content Control Summit

I spoke at my first virtual conference this past weekend, Content Control Summit put on my Remote Control Life and did one of my favourite talks about Navigation and Wayfinding. This is also the first talk I’ve given since launching my own company, Namara Technologies Inc.

I’m used to doing this talk in person and getting live feedback and questions to know if I’m on the right track. In this case, I’m just talking to the camera and not even seeing comments as I’m speaking to get the course corrections that I’m used to seeing. It was a completely different experience, that I would completely do again. I’ll write about my experience in recording and the virtual conference separately, but here are the slides to that talk.

As always, I welcome comments, and questions, since I know I didn’t get to answer everything. I want to thank April Wier for getting me out of my comfort zone on this one, especially using Facebook live to answer questions afterwards.

How to Organize Your Content Through Navigation and Wayfinding from Shanta Nathwani


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