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  • WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 Photos

    Here’s the first couple of days of WordCamp Milwaukee.  Actually described how this worked during my Foundation Friday session on Plugins. These will get updated as time goes on. Enjoy! Marc and Justin sitting down on the jobA different type of Contributor Day<img alt="Team Canada" src="https://i2.wp.com/farm1.static generic cialis 100mg.flickr.com/524/19810100020_b5ce1f8444_m.jpg?w=980&ssl=1″ data-safe-src=”https://i2.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/524/19810100020_b5ce1f8444_m.jpg?w=980&ssl=1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ />Team CanadaThursday around noonJustin […]

  • WordPress 102 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

    Here are the slides from the second session I did at WordCamp Milwaukee yesterday for Foundation Friday. Great discussion, but let’s keep it going!   WordPress102 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 from Shanta Nathwani

  • WordPress 101 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

    I did quite the marathon yesterday at WordCamp Milwaukee doing 4 out of 5 talks in the User Track. We started with WordPress 101. Please tell me if I’m missing anything! This talk gets better every time I give it because of comments from people like you. WordPress 101 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 from Shanta […]

  • Photos from WordCamp Montreal 2015

    Sorry I don’t have more than this! Wanted to take so many more. A bunch of my favourite people, such as Meagan Hanes, Jasmine Vesque, Jordan Quintal, Shawn Hooper, Roy Sivan and many more. See you all really soon!

  • Content Architecture Presentation – WordCamp Montreal 2015

    I hope everyone was able to handle my terrible French this morning at WordCamp Montreal 2015 this morning. Here is my presentation that is a combination of many of my previous ones, but with some updates from my WordCamp Miami 2015 talk with the added menu stuff! I also developed some handouts for my WordCamp […]