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  • Tweetstock 2016

    Tweetstock 2016

    I had a great pleasure of attending Tweetstock 2016 with the winning of a ticket from James Burchill who was one of the speakers at this great event. I’ve heard James speak many times and know that if he’s on the bill that it’s bound to be a good line up all around. I’ve been…

  • Social Media for Startups Presentation for Entrepreneurship Fair 2014 at the McMaster Innovation Park

    I had the pleasure of presenting alongside Jim Rudnick of KKT Interactive this past week at the Entrepreneurship Fair in the McMaster Innovation Park. These slides should be posted to their website soon enough. Enjoy! Social Media for Start Ups for Entrepreneurship Fair at McMaster Innovation Park 2014 from Shanta Nathwani

  • #SurrenderYourSay is a winner | the social media age

    Thanks to Karim Kanji for summing this up so eloquently. #SurrenderYourSay is a winner | the social media age. Here’s one of the tweets I sent out “manually”: #SurrenderYourSay is so accurate. My bro’s tics are so bad, they wake him up from sleep causing lack of proper rest. Tweeting while asleep. — Shanta R.…