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  • WPCampus – Sheridan CCIT Case Study

    Here is the presentation that Kiera and I present at the inaugural WPCampus in Sarasota, Florida. Enjoy! [slideshare id=64087107&doc=1mt6sy0bs8g4jngmhvjh-signature-ab2a27612a992879b01fab45df42a0b4876a949742f9387ea84d7c81fceb27c4-poli-160716173926]

  • WordCamp Ottawa Photos 2016

    WordCamp Ottawa Photos 2016

    Here are my photos from WordCamp Ottawa: Here are Kiera’s photos, since I forgot my camera completely! From the camp itself… And of course the after party and the after after party…

  • Content Architecture – WordCamp Ottawa 2016

    Content Architecture – WordCamp Ottawa 2016

    Thanks so much to the organizers for letting me take over a workshop for two hours this morning. Here are my slides and I hope that there was some good discussions that come out of this. Let me know how I can improve this talk. Content Architecture at WordCamp Ottawa 2016 from Shanta Nathwani

  • WordCamp Hamilton 2016 Photos

    WordCamp Hamilton 2016 Photos

    Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t functional at the event, so my photos relied mainly on Kiera Howe‘s amazing camera and my phablet. For once, I’m actually in a few shots. Please enjoy responsibly. Mine: Both of Kiera’s albums:

  • WordPress 102 at WordCamp Hamilton 2016

    Here are my slides for WordCamp Hamilton 2016! I look forward to any questions or comments you might have in making this presentation better! [slideshare id=62720870&doc=wordpress102-wcyhm2016-160604121314]