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BrainStation – Day One

Our Marshmallow Challenge

Our Marshmallow Challenge – 16 inches high in 18 minutes

The day started out with everyone picking their own table, but as the room started filling up, all the chairs are full. We went through the typical orientation type stuff, and then a team building exercise with a marshmallow. Our team did pretty well, and though it wasn’t the tallest one, we certainly got in the running and it never wavered. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come!
We then broke off into our respective programs and had to have our head shots taken, and now, I know that they use those to show on the demo day website. I even saw one of my old students listed on their graduates! We had a catered lunch, and I oddly enough, sat more or less on my own.
When we came back from lunch, they ran us through more specific orientation for our program, did introductions and showed us some previous projects. Interestingly, I am one of about two people in the entire class (about 30) that has an education in coding of any kind, and he’s a web developer already. There are only 5 women in the Web Development stream, which is lower than what I anticipated, given the number of women that I saw this morning. Don’t get me wrong, there were quite a few engineers, and financial people, so the level of education was high in many cases, but not specifically in technology. Who knew that I might be one of the more technologically advanced people in this class?
So now, I’m sitting in the beginnings of my first lecture, and the instructor is really engaging, but in my case, I teach the history of the internet, what HTML and CSS are and how they are used, so it is a little basic for me. I promise to try and keep my head down, instead of taking over. By tomorrow, I’ll engage this process whole-heartedly. Today, I’m running on pure adrenaline, especially when I woke up at 6 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m going to use this time to catch up on my blogging, as well as complete the prep course, that I’m about 90% done.  It’s only about 3 pm and we still have an event at 6 pm, but we get to work on a lab and then the instructor leads us through his solution. Given this, I think we’ll do just fine.
After the class was done, we headed over to Wurst, where we were treated to a beverage and some snacks, which was just a nice way to kick off the course. We got to sit with both cohorts, not just the web development. Met with one of the instructors who wants to get some blogging going among the students. So, I showed her my post from yesterday. Apparently, I’m in! Making good progress and need to keep it up. Still learned stuff today, so it wasn’t all stuff I knew already. Tomorrow, I’ll really start digging into stuff that I know on the surface, but not yet in depth. Let the games begin.
Thanks to everyone that has supported me thus far, and has given me hope in completing this course. Stick around and I’ll tell you how it goes!
BrainStation Starter Gift

They even gave us some cool swag! I feel like I’m at a WordCamp again.

Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard

What every beginner absolutely needs to know about the journey ahead

Source: Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard

WordPress 101 for Women In Information Technology Management

Here’s the first part of the presentation that I gave last night to Women in Information Technology Management at Ryerson University. The second half was more of demo that I’m hoping to document a little better and turn into a full course. Thanks to those who attended and supported the event. Awesome time!

HackerNest Classes

I’ve joined learn.HackerNest to offer some introductory classes! At this time, we are figuring out the venue, but I am open to suggestions! I teach in Oakville, live in Hamilton and in Toronto on a regular basis. Where would you like to have these? Please visit the link that suits you best!

Intro to HTML and CSS - HackerNest

Intro to HTML and CSS – HackerNest

Intro to WordPress - HackerNest

Intro to WordPress – HackerNest

Teaching Technology at DevTO – Slide Deck

A big thanks to DevTO and the amazing people at Shopify for hosting our talk on Teaching Technology with Marc Lijour of Cisco. Here are my presentation slides from the event, but as those who attended will know, the conversation was much more than just the slides! I still welcome feedback on this topic and want to make sure we’re going in the right direction. Amazing time was had by all, and great job by my students that actually attended!

Here are three of my students that decided to come out and support me. Thanks to @JoshuaKYuh for the photo!

Here are three of my students that decided to come out and support me. Thanks to @JoshuaKYuh for the photo!

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