Preparation for “WordPress for Small Businesses Workshop Session” – #WCOttawa 2014

Welcome! If you want to find out more about Data Architecture to prepare for my Workshop Session on Sunday in Room 2000, take a look at my talk from WordCamp Buffalo in September, 2013. I also did this talk […]

Speaker Spotlight: Shanta Nathwani | WordCamp Ottawa 2014

Look who’s speaking at WordCamp Ottawa: This Gal! Big thanks go to my friend Shelley who was so proud of me, she decided to share my Speaker Spotlight on her own Facebook wall. And of course, a big thanks to […]

My April Fool’s Joke – 2003

I didn’t end up pulling any pranks this year, but I was reminded of one I pulled in 2003. It is still one of my best. I was in India studying for my MCSE, which a friend of mine once […]


I had an awesome time yesterday presenting a workshop on HTML and CSS to the Women in Information Technology Management at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. Here are my revised slide deck from yesterday. Hope you enjoy! Share […]

FITC Toronto 2014 – Women’s Initiative // FITC

Thanks to FITC for sending me to this great event last year under this amazing initiative. Let’s keep it going strong! I hope to see you all there. Even better, they’ve listed my blog post from last year as inspiration […]