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  • DevTO – Everything I Need To Know About Life I Learned at Code School – Full Version

    Thanks once again to DevTO for having me speak at their monthly meetup. This time we were hosted at Pivotal Labs, and while the crowd was small, there was still great discussion. The video is below the slides. I’m also going to be delivering a version of this at WordCamp Toronto in a couple of […]

  • Everything I Need To Know About Life I Learned At Coding Camp – Lightning Talk at DevTO

    I was happy to step up to the plate when organizer, Nael Shawwa asked if I’d be interested in giving a lightning talk…now! I decided to do a lightning version of my talk that I will be delivering at DevTO this Monday and again at WordCamp Toronto next weekend! I hope to see you all very […]

  • BrainStation – Day One

    The day started out with everyone picking their own table, but as the room started filling up, all the chairs are full. We went through the typical orientation type stuff, and then a team building exercise with a marshmallow. Our team did pretty well, and though it wasn’t the tallest one, we certainly got in […]

  • Beginning BrainStation

    Today, I start BrainStation in the full time Web Development bootcamp. For the next 10 weeks, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, I’m coding. I won’t be teaching and probably not responding to a heck of a lot during that time, but I’ll be around. The timing for this was perfect. I have […]