WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 Photos

Here’s the first couple of days of WordCamp Milwaukee.  Actually described how this worked during my Foundation Friday session on Plugins. These will get updated as time goes on. Enjoy!

function fjgwppInit_flickrGal11() { 
				jQuery("#flickrGal11").justifiedGallery({'lastRow': 'justify', 'rowHeight':120, 'fixedHeight':false, 'captions':true, 'randomize':false, 'margins':1, 'sizeRangeSuffixes': { 
			 			'lt100':'_t', 'lt240':'_m', 'lt320':'_n',
						'lt500':'', 'lt640':'_z','lt1024':'_b'}});}if (typeof fjgwpp_galleriesInit_functions === "undefined") fjgwpp_galleriesInit_functions = [];fjgwpp_galleriesInit_functions.push(fjgwppInit_flickrGal11);



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