#TEDTuesdays – David Pogue

I used to do this on my old blog, and I think I need to do this again. Here’s a great one from David Pogue of The New York Times. Some of these I didn’t even know! Enjoy.

#FF WordCamp Hamilton

WordCamp Hamilton 2013

WordCamp Hamilton 2013

It’s a big WordPress month for me here and probably more to come, but let’s get the second Follow Friday post underway!

Next weekend, Hamilton will be hosting its first WordCamp at the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Tanenbaum Pavillion. I’ve attended two WordCamps in Toronto and they were fantastic. This one is our first go, so we’re going with a single day at a very reasonable price.

I unfortunately won’t be able to attend myself, though I have played a minor role in helping to organize. But hey, when one of your best friends is getting married, they’ve let me off the hook.

Some of the notable people they have talking at the event are Joey Coleman, Al Davis and Kevin Browne. I just had Joey visit my class at Sheridan College the other day and it was a blast! I’ve also seen Al do presentations at WordCamp Toronto and I’m looking forward to most likely hearing him there in a few months again.

If you’ve never attended a WordCamp before, it’s a great event for beginners and advanced alike. I highly recommend it. You can purchase tickets for a mere $20 (just lowered from $25!) on their website here and make sure you follow them @WordCampHamOnt. Have an awesome time!

#FF WPUniversity

Last Saturday I attended the WordPress Toronto monthly meetup at the Ryerson DMZ hosted by WPUniversity, who launched that day. I’ve been looking forward to a product like this for a long time now and I can’t wait to start using it, contributing to it and getting my clients on it.

WPUniversity Logo

WPUniversity Logo

WPUniversity is a unique plugin that you install to help you with various tasks in WordPress. It doesn’t just show you, it guides you through your own installation of WordPress to help you, as if you had an expert sitting next to you saying, “Now click here, and type this…”

What does this do for someone like me? Won’t I lose work over this? No. As a matter of fact, I will be able to get to more clients because I won’t have to answer every question that clients might have that are basic and similar in nature. Similarly, my clients will be able to look up the help for themselves and practice it as much as they like. Then, if they still have problems, they can call upon me. I can also adjust my training when I know what pieces I might be missing from my own offering.

They’re just getting started and we got the preview last week. If you want this great product, you’ll have to wait until about September, but it will be worth it.

You honestly have to see it for yourself:

In the meantime, make sure you Follow Friday this amazing team, WPUniversity (@WPUni) out of the Ryerson DMZ and catch them most likely at WordCamp Hamilton, coming on June 23, 2013. More on that next week. Until then, enjoy and welcome back to Follow Friday!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Using Forms Creatively | The Daily Post

Weekly Writing Challenge: Using Forms Creatively | The Daily Post.

This is a perfect challenge right now. I’ve recently started my new website and would like to know what you want to hear from me. Rather than migrating posts over from my blog site, I would appreciate your opinion on what I should post in the future here. Please take a look at my wordpress.com site if it helps, and complete this short form below.

I’ve also been thinking of putting together a regular newsletter to include interesting events that are coming up, people looking for work, those looking for clients, communities to join and just basically connecting people.

Many thanks!

Resuming Follow Friday

I did Follow Friday’s over at my original blog site and I’m sorry that I ever gave them up. I got the idea from my friend Alex Blom and now I know the challenges he had by trying to dedicate a post every Friday to a worthwhile person or company. I’m going to get back to writing them next week, but in the meantime, you can find my previous posts here. Enjoy!

Alex, me and Jany Jang at the last HoHoTo.

Alex, me and Jany Jang at the last HoHoTo.

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